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After a loved one undergoes surgery, falls, becomes ill, suffers a stroke, or experiences some other kind of serious accident, injury or setback, inpatient rehabilitation services are typically prescribed by their doctor. Professional rehabilitative services are intended to help patients regain their strength, mobility, communication skills and coordination so they can resume living as independently as possible. At Quincy Healthcare and Senior Living Rapid Rebound Suites we make all of the above possible.

The benefits of being nearby include the use of the chapel, social activities and prepared meals when needed.

A Day in the Life of a Rapid Rebounder

Each morning you’ll be greeted by one of our hospitality team members. With breakfast in the café, you can relax use your laptop, watch the morning news on the big screen TV, or chat with others. Afterward, you’ll meet with your personal therapist to work on your customized rehabilitation plan and therapy goals for the day. Following morning therapy, a delicious lunch, and an afternoon physical rehabilitation session, you’ll have free time to relax and catch up with friends and family, surf the Internet, watch a movie, have visitors join you for dinner or play games. You can also arrange visits to home or other outings with approval by your medical team.

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Patient-Centered Care

Our Rapid Rebound program is distinguished by our commitment to patient-centered care: we listen to you and you set the pace for your progress. Each resident receives a personalized therapy and hospitality team who provide daily educational sessions, hands-on assistance with your transition to home, and follow-up care as needed. Our amazing rehabilitation amenities include hotel-like private and semi-private suites, café dining for every meal, featuring menus with a variety of delicious options; wireless Internet large flat-screen TVs, and more for your entertainment. It’s all here in our newly renovated Rapid Rebound Suites.

When the nurse asks where you want to go… “Say Quincy Healthcare and Senior Living”

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