Quincy Healthcare and Senior Living

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Quincy Healthcare and Senior Living

The Condos at Catherine Kasper Village

The Residences at Catherine Kasper Village are made up of individual homes. They provide the independence that many retirees wish for, yet offer the support of caring staff when emergency assistance is needed.

The benefits of being nearby include the use of the chapel, social activities and prepared meals when needed.

Unique Features

One campus - Multiple levels of care

Prepaid or straight rental

No property taxes

Lawn care/snow removal/trash pickup

Pets allowed (deposit required)

No more home repairs or appliance replacements to be concerned with.

SAFETY Features

Duplex; all on one level. NO steps!

Emergency call system connected to Quincy Healthcare and Senior Living for help in case of medical emergency.

Priority admission to Casita Catherine and Quincy Healthcare and Senior Living.